Text Messaging is quickly becoming an excellent marketing and promotion source for bar and night club owners to communicate with their customers and customers to communicate with their favorite club or bar.


It’s simple… Text Messaging is instant and allows night club and bar owners to quickly let their patrons know about:

1. Upcoming events and specials
2. Send special VIP offers that can be targeted to their VIP’s only
3. RSVP to events in less time than it would take to call or visit a web site.

 The ability to send an event to someone and within seconds it shows up on their cell phone in exciting… VERY EXCITING… Imagine this, it’s 4:00 PM on a Friday and you have a great band or special going on for the night. Within seconds your message can show up on your entire list of customers.

It’s a proven fact that most text messages are read within moments, unlike email that may not be read for days or not at all. Text Messaging in the Night Club and Bar industry is still new and by jumping on board now you can beat out the competition and be ahead of the crowd.

TextBoom.Com offers one of the most complete plans available on the market. They provide marketing support that includes post cards, table tents, post cards, banners, and more. Their base plan includes the VIP list, contest feature, interactive auto responders so you customer can find out band schedules and specials, and they offer a 30 day trial.