The need for promotion in the bar industry is at an all time high. With the fall off in sales, bar and beverage companies need to concentrate on special events generated to attract customers. Well orchestrated bar promotions can increase receipts without resorting to drink specials and cover charge reduction to entice patrons. Good bar promotion ideas helps establish an identity for a bar or club by enabling it to project its own personality and develop an image that will catch on throughout a target audience.

One clever bar promotion tactic that sparks sales and interest is the designation of certain activities for specific nights of the week. These could include themes such as karaoke, ladies’ nights, etc. Good usage of flyers and posters can work well to provide sufficient exposure for these events.

Using promotional items from beverage companies can enable bars to retain customers as well as attract new ones. Promotional items may include t-shirts, shot glasses, key chains, hats, bottle openers, and other items that consumers retain for extended periods of time. Also, by partnering with beverage companies on higher-level promotional events, bars and clubs can receive significant additional exposure with funding usually covering promotional costs.

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