The word is out and companies like TextBoom.Com who offer Text Messaging for Bars and Night Clubs is quickly making a name for itself by offering bars, night clubs, and promoters a great way to keep customer loyalty. The concept is simple and ingenious, TextBoom offers a service that allows bars and night clubs to get their customers to text the name of their club to a number. The customers are then added to a special VIP list and can check events, band schedules, specials, RSVP to events, and just about anything else through their cell phone. Very quickly this new method of mobile marketing is catching on and with over 200 bars online with their system they are adding several new clients on a weekly basis.

Advantages of text messaging are immense… There is no other way to instantly connect to your customer in such a close way. Through their system they can login anytime and send broadcast messages to all their loyal VIP customers and within seconds the message will reach them. How effective is it ? On average, most customers are getting a response back of 17 to 24 percent for each campaign. Most customers will send out a message once or twice a week.

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to market your bar or night club try text messaging… It’s powerful, cost effective, and offers instant gratification for you and your patrons.

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