You can’t buy, start, or continually operate a night club on promotions.

Night club promotions are supposed to be used as the word implies. Promote. Not survive on. However you will always be in the state of promoting yourself. Remember that!

Night club promotions have to be aimed at your target audience. Who is that? There are many versions of that in todays night clubs. Although the premise of a night club is the same, but each attract different people.

You can’t open a night club and not have the faintest idea who your target market is!

Night club promotions are designed to target your current customers, their likes, their music, their age group, their spending habits, their dress, the times they go out, etc. Basically their everything, is a promotion that works.

So, if ABC Club does night club promotions throughout the year, for their customers, that has a live band to open the night, a Jack Daniels special, and a reduced cover charge, and it packs his customers in, that’s great!

But because it worked for him, that promotion is not necessarily going to work for you. Your customers may not like Jack Daniels that much, hate bands, and wouldn’t pay any cover charge for this.