It’s no secret offering electronic gift cards and customer rewards is red hot in consumer marketing right now. Just walk into virtually any major national retail store or restaurant and you’ll be able to buy a gift card. It’s also increasingly likely you’ll be exposed to some type of rewards program. The big chains implement these programs because they make piles of money from them. More specifically, a well executed gift and loyalty program will increase sales between 20% and 28%, on average, based on successful marketing execution. The Big Box stores staffed with MBAs crunching every ROI number behind the scenes fully understand that targeting the top 20% to 30% of the customers that comprise 80% of their business brings in more business. The good news is you don’t have to be an MBA to setup a stored value strategy. Every small business in the world can profit from this basic of sales principles.

After reviewing many card programs we found that Ucard seems to have the best program. Not only do they offer the rewards cards but they have a unique program that can allow for fund raising. What does this all mean ? As a club owner you can market to your client fund raising events and state a certain amount will be donated to a particular charity. Ucard is the only company from what we have seen that offers this terrific incentive.