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Entries for February, 2008

Watching Your Money - Bartender Scams

Bartenders are generally a nice bunch of people, but temptation sometimes gets the best of them. Here are some examples of what they might do to “get ahead in life.” There are variations on many of these themes, so don’t by any means consider this a comprehensive list:
1. Overpouring to get a […]

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Plan It Out

your business is an everyday effort. The competition in markets both big and small can be fierce and you need to stay on your game everyday. This is why you should set aside some during your work day to concentrate on your night club marketing efforts. Flyers, posters, websites, email, making personal contacts, and maintaining […]

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Knowing Your Customers

You can’t buy, start, or continually operate a night club on promotions.
Night club promotions are supposed to be used as the word implies. Promote. Not survive on. However you will always be in the state of promoting yourself. Remember that!
Night club promotions have to be aimed at your target audience. Who is that? […]

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Rewards, Rewards, Rewards

It’s no secret offering electronic gift cards and customer rewards is red hot in consumer marketing right now. Just walk into virtually any major national retail store or restaurant and you’ll be able to buy a gift card. It’s also increasingly likely you’ll be exposed to some type of rewards program. The big chains implement […]

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Keeping Up with the Economy

We know many clubs are dealing with the slow down in the economy, however, this can also be something to hold and take advantage of. Your patrons will appreciate whatever you can do to work with them and offer them specials that will save them money. Saving your patrons a little money at the door […]

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