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Bar Promotions

The need for promotion in the bar industry is at an all time high. With the fall off in sales, bar and beverage companies need to concentrate on special events generated to attract customers. Well orchestrated bar promotions can increase receipts without resorting to drink specials and cover charge reduction to entice patrons. Good bar promotion ideas helps establish an identity for a bar or club by enabling it to project its own personality and develop an image that will catch on throughout a target audience.

One clever bar promotion tactic that sparks sales and interest is the designation of certain activities for specific nights of the week. These could include themes such as karaoke, ladies’ nights, etc. Good usage of flyers and posters can work well to provide sufficient exposure for these events.

Using promotional items from beverage companies can enable bars to retain customers as well as attract new ones. Promotional items may include t-shirts, shot glasses, key chains, hats, bottle openers, and other items that consumers retain for extended periods of time. Also, by partnering with beverage companies on higher-level promotional events, bars and clubs can receive significant additional exposure with funding usually covering promotional costs.

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Text Messaging Concerns

Clubs, Bar Owners, Restaurants beware, use a service that uses true text messaging, it could be costing you money….

Before the onset of short code messaging, marketers and consumers were able to send free messages to consumers using e-mail-to-sms gateways. This allowed users to send an e-mail to that would be converted and delivered as an SMS. As you could imagine, this became a prime target for internet spammers, which led the carriers to develop robust filtering systems to protect their consumers. This was the dawn of the short code and a new process that allowed carriers to prescreen and certify legitimate mobile marketing campaigns.

As a result we now have a ubiquitous infrastructure for cross-carrier SMS messaging. As part of this project, the carriers charge fees for short code messaging, which is different than the free email gateway service, but free isn’t necessarily better; it’s far worse.

E-Mail Gateways:
- Heavily filtered and monitored by the major carriers. Each carrier systematically scans for message content and monitors volume by IP address. Users sending many messages will be blocked and there will be no way of you knowing this except that you or your users may not get the message.
- No delivery confirmation. Each message is “fire and forget” much like blast e-mail.
- No carrier information. You must know the users carrier to send through an e-mail gateway. Numbers turn over at a rate of 8% per month causing failed send attempts.
- Low throughput limit. Throughput is limited both by IP throttling and infrastructure issues.
- One-way only service. There is no interactivity or opt-in process that creates a targeted database.
- Numbers that have been disconnected will not be found and if you are sending to someone that wishes not to get your message the fines can be up to $1,100.00 per message sent by you.
- Carriers will send all SMS messages before mail, in better words, if there are a lot of SMS messages going out your messages will wait to be sent or they will be removed from the delivery.

The base of an effective, compliant mobile marketing program, is an opt-ed in database. This can only be accomplished through the two-way interaction offered by Short Code messaging. While short code messaging comes at a fee, it provides an interactive experience that influences the consumer. The success rates of mobile marketing campaigns are attributed to the highly targeted nature of Short Code messaging and not the broad spectrum SPAM messages from e-mail gateways.

Short Code Messaging:
- Certified and approved by aggregators. Each aggregator pre-approves message programs to ensure that all messages are delivered once the program is approved.
- Message delivery confirmation. Each message delivery status can be delivered in real-time as it is queued for delivery.
- Carrier information pre-determined before delivery. Each phone number is “dipped” for mobile carrier delivery to ensure the number is properly labeled for delivery.
- High throughput limit. Throughput is not limited by short code allowing messages to be delivered faster.
- Two-way interactive service. Users can text-in or reply to mobile marketing campaigns creating a more enjoyable end-user experience.

While e-mail gateway services carry the appeal of “zero cost” they do little to enhance or activate a brand’s current marketing initiatives. Instead, e-mail gateway messaging becomes an extension to a traditional e-mail marketing campaign. In contrast, a well structured Short Code campaign functions to both independently engage users or activate existing traditional marketing campaigns.

Text Messaging For Night Clubs and Bars

The word is out and companies like TextBoom.Com who offer Text Messaging for Bars and Night Clubs is quickly making a name for itself by offering bars, night clubs, and promoters a great way to keep customer loyalty. The concept is simple and ingenious, TextBoom offers a service that allows bars and night clubs to get their customers to text the name of their club to a number. The customers are then added to a special VIP list and can check events, band schedules, specials, RSVP to events, and just about anything else through their cell phone. Very quickly this new method of mobile marketing is catching on and with over 200 bars online with their system they are adding several new clients on a weekly basis.

Advantages of text messaging are immense… There is no other way to instantly connect to your customer in such a close way. Through their system they can login anytime and send broadcast messages to all their loyal VIP customers and within seconds the message will reach them. How effective is it ? On average, most customers are getting a response back of 17 to 24 percent for each campaign. Most customers will send out a message once or twice a week.

If you are looking for a new and innovative way to market your bar or night club try text messaging… It’s powerful, cost effective, and offers instant gratification for you and your patrons.

Visit and get a 30 day trial account for a limited time.

Nightclub Flyer Tips

Whether you’re promoting a new party, CD release, special event or club grand opening, Nightclub Flyers are an economical way to attract attention.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind when designing your next flyers.

  1. Come up with an eye catching name for the event, one that is likely to pique people’s interest. Make sure you include the 5 W’s – who is performing, what the theme is, when it takes place, where it takes place and why you are throwing this party. Get to the point and leave a website and phone number to contact for additional information.
  2. Make sure your design makes sense for the event you are promoting. If you are publicizing a professional gathering, you don’t want abstract or racy images. Conversely, if you are promoting a nightclub grand opening, make sure you use graphics and icons that appeal to your target audience.
  3. Your copy should get straight to the point. You don’t have a lot of space to waste here on rambling words. Give readers enough information to get them in the door or to your website.
  4. Discounts and special offers will make your flyer more valuable and provide a reason for people to hold onto it. A discounted admission or 2 for 1 drink special will cost your very little and will help get additional heads through the door.
  5. Some cities have begun to issue public littering fines to organizations, promoters and clubs that distribute flyers in their jurisdiction. It would be beneficial to find out if there are any local regulations that prohibit the distribution of flyers in the area you are planning to target with your promotions.

Developing a Successful Promotional Campaign
Whether you’re running a weekly club night, promoting drink specials or marketing for your best friend’s band, printed publicity materials are essential to a well rounded promotional plan.

Some people have the resources of a design staff or a friend or business associate that is involved in the graphic design field. But many others find themselves with an empty piece of paper and a major project to promote. If this describes you, these pointers should prove to be a good starting point to creating a successful promotional campaign.

Your flyer should have two main objectives
When planning your flyers, you have two main issues to consider – the creative concept and the actual execution. What you want to express in your piece and what that final piece will look like will determine the success of your promotional plan.

The creative concept is the first step and will be the foundation for your entire plan. Once you have a solid concept, you can build around this concept, like a decorator working off a showcase piece of furniture or color scheme. Keep in mind the bottom line of any promotional piece is to catch the eye of potential customers and successfully present the information you are trying to get across.

Make sure your concept is eye-catchingThe average person is bombarded with an excessive amount of advertising on a daily basis. Ads on TV, magazines, subway cars, notice boards, literally everywhere you look. This has naturally caused people to tune out most advertising they see. You have to keep this in mind when designing flyers and try to get to the point or catch their attention from the get go.

Eye catching is important, but make sure you accomplish your main goal of selling your products or event. How many times have you looked at a flyer because it had some cool graphics, but after being unable to find the location, times, admission price etc, you discarded it?

Hit on the key points and answer the important questions with clear, concise, easy to read text. Think long and hard about what aspects of your event are crucial and leave the rest for a related website or e-mail blast. Don’t fall into the trap of including too much information, tell then what they need to know and get out of the way.

Walking the Thin Line Between Catchy and Cliché
Finding the balance between text that is snappy and exciting - but not cliché, can make all the difference. Less is more in advertising. Remain aware of your word count and get the important information out there in as concise a manner as possible.

Another good technique is to quote respected authorities like well known industry leaders and respected publications. Saying it will be a great party is a given, but saying that “XYZ Magazine rated us best weekly event” can help generate a buzz about your event.

Avoid common design errors
Being creative is important, but do so within the parameters of sound graphic design.

  1. Limit your flyers to two different fonts
  2. Use any unusual fonts for the headlines, make the basic info as easy to read as possible.
  3. Keep the text outside the bleed and safety lines (i.e. not too close to the edges)
  4. Logos are cool, just keep them to a limited number and limit their size
  5. Make sure your colors work well together and don’t overwhelm the text, as there is nothing worse than a flyer that is hard to read.

Watching Your Money - Bartender Scams

Bartenders are generally a nice bunch of people, but temptation sometimes gets the best of them. Here are some examples of what they might do to “get ahead in life.” There are variations on many of these themes, so don’t by any means consider this a comprehensive list:

1. Overpouring to get a larger tip.
2. Underpouring to build a bank of liquor, which the bartender will later sell and pocket the difference.
3. Bringing in his own liquor and pocketing the sales from that bottle
4. Comping drinks to get a bigger tip.
5. Giving free drinks to friends.
6. Ringing bottled beer as draft and pocketing the difference.
7. Ringing a sale on the comp or “no sale” key, then pocketing the difference.
8. Ringing well drinks at happy hour prices, allowing the bartender to pocket the difference.
9. Abusing your “dollar shooter” promotion by ringing up more expensive drinks that contain the same amount/type of liquor as the promotion, and pocketing the difference.
10. Leaving the cash drawer open after ringing the sale, which gives the bartender a chance to make a few sales without you knowing it.
11. Claiming someone walked out without paying, when the bartender is actually pocketing the difference.
12. Selling a call drink, ringing it as a well drink and pocketing the difference.
13. Faking a broken bottle, then selling the contents of the bottle and pocketing the difference.
14. Making a drink wrong, then selling it to someone else after it’s returned and pocketing the difference.
15. Circumventing a pouring spout control system by bringing in his own spouts, leaving spouts off certain bottles, putting electronic spouts in the microwave to fry them (really!), or dozens of other ways that have been devised to beat spout systems.
16. Pocketing unrecorded sales of sodas or juices, which are seldom inventoried, or ringing them as a liquor sale to pad previous unrecorded liquor sales.
17. Z’ing the register an hour or so before quitting time, at which point all subsequent sales can be pocketed
18. Pretending to make a mistake while ringing up a sale, then using a makeup ring to cover the “mistaken” ring. For instance, ringing an $8.50 drink at .50, then pocketing the $8 and, if questioned, saying the .50 ring was a makeup for a previous sale that you mistakenly rang .50 off.

Many of these scams can be revealed, and thus deterred, by good management practices. Of those, the most important is thorough inventory control, including taking regular physical inventories and tracking receiving and empties. Simply relying on your POS system or pouring control system will not take the place of regular, thorough physical inventories. So the choice is simple: Let us help you keep a handle on things–or contribute to your bartenders’ early retirement.

Plan It Out


your business is an everyday effort. The competition in markets both big and small can be fierce and you need to stay on your game everyday. This is why you should set aside some during your work day to concentrate on your night club marketing efforts. Flyers, posters, websites, email, making personal contacts, and maintaining your business are things that should be monitored and maintained everyday.

Nightclub marketing isn’t easy and the results aren’t immediate. It takes time to see the results of your hard work of your efforts. The only thing you can do is make a marketing plan and stick with it. Give it some time and don’t be afraid to tweak it as needed. A lot of businesses fail in because they don’t have a plan or are afraid to tweak the plan if it doesn’t work.

Don’t be afraid to reevaluate your plan every month and make changes that you think will help your bottom line. Even if things are going well it might be a good idea to make minor changes to keep a fresh night club image.

Knowing Your Customers

You can’t buy, start, or continually operate a night club on promotions.

Night club promotions are supposed to be used as the word implies. Promote. Not survive on. However you will always be in the state of promoting yourself. Remember that!

Night club promotions have to be aimed at your target audience. Who is that? There are many versions of that in todays night clubs. Although the premise of a night club is the same, but each attract different people.

You can’t open a night club and not have the faintest idea who your target market is!

Night club promotions are designed to target your current customers, their likes, their music, their age group, their spending habits, their dress, the times they go out, etc. Basically their everything, is a promotion that works.

So, if ABC Club does night club promotions throughout the year, for their customers, that has a live band to open the night, a Jack Daniels special, and a reduced cover charge, and it packs his customers in, that’s great!

But because it worked for him, that promotion is not necessarily going to work for you. Your customers may not like Jack Daniels that much, hate bands, and wouldn’t pay any cover charge for this.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards

It’s no secret offering electronic gift cards and customer rewards is red hot in consumer marketing right now. Just walk into virtually any major national retail store or restaurant and you’ll be able to buy a gift card. It’s also increasingly likely you’ll be exposed to some type of rewards program. The big chains implement these programs because they make piles of money from them. More specifically, a well executed gift and loyalty program will increase sales between 20% and 28%, on average, based on successful marketing execution. The Big Box stores staffed with MBAs crunching every ROI number behind the scenes fully understand that targeting the top 20% to 30% of the customers that comprise 80% of their business brings in more business. The good news is you don’t have to be an MBA to setup a stored value strategy. Every small business in the world can profit from this basic of sales principles.

After reviewing many card programs we found that Ucard seems to have the best program. Not only do they offer the rewards cards but they have a unique program that can allow for fund raising. What does this all mean ? As a club owner you can market to your client fund raising events and state a certain amount will be donated to a particular charity. Ucard is the only company from what we have seen that offers this terrific incentive.

Keeping Up with the Economy

We know many clubs are dealing with the slow down in the economy, however, this can also be something to hold and take advantage of. Your patrons will appreciate whatever you can do to work with them and offer them specials that will save them money. Saving your patrons a little money at the door or giving them a discounted drink can goa long way.

Lets face it, when people get upset they tend to have a drink. Momentarily it takes away their concerns and deal with life. By no means are we saying to feed off this, however, make it easy, take care of your patrons who have stayed with you through good an bad times.